Credit card frauds have become very common these days as we depend mostly on cards for transactions. There are numerous ways your credit cards can be compromised. You may not be able to prevent completely but all that you can do is to create obstacle so that it can be tougher for someone to get your card compromised. You should learn to handle credit cards similar to cash that is with great care.

How Credit Card Frauds Can Happen?

The theft of credit card can happen in various ways by a dumpster and also a techie hacker. Discarded billing statements that are collected from your trash can be used by a thief for getting account information and using the same for buying things. Bank website can be hacked and the card number can then be compromised and shared. A waiter or clerk can even be a villain in the picture by storing the card details and using the same for buying the items or for creating another account. Then another major form through which your credit card details are stolen is through phishing. You may be asked to share the account number or some sensitive information for you to be eligible for some huge reward or a free trip. All these ways your card details can be compromised and the hacker can use the same for buying things. When you get the bill for things that you have not used it then you may then go through so many processes and procedures.

What Can be Done?

If you are involved in few practices in the daily routine then you can help in keeping the cards as well as the account numbers very safe. Keep track of the account numbers, the expiry dates and also phone number for reporting fraud related with each company in the secure place. You should not lend the card that you own to anyone. It is also not a good idea to leave the cards, the statements and also receipts unattended at any place. If you do not want them then shred them before you trash all those. It is not advised to share the account number to anyone who have called you unless you know they are reputed. When you do any transaction with credit card in a hotel or some place, make sure that you do not give the card to somebody else with the password. It is necessary for you to even ensure that you are getting back the card before you leave the place. If there are any charges made which you do not have done then should report the same to the card issuer. It will be also a good idea to have a BIN check before the purchase if you are a merchant.

Reporting Losses and Fraud

If you realize that the card is stolen or lost, then you should call to card issuer and report the loss of it. The same should even be done when you observe that your card is compromised. Once when you report loss or theft of the card, then you are not responsible for the charges on the card anymore.