As implicit from the name, mailing software refers to software that is designed to be used for sending of emails. Generally, the software is utilized in sending out legitimate emails like email list subscribers. Normally, it is quite time consuming, daunting and daunting to send the same mail to many people, clients, members and customers. Rather than sending the email one after the other to the various recipients, with the mailing software, you can send the email at once to all the recipients just at the click of the mouse. Owing to improvement in email technology and software, there are different kinds of mailing software that you can choose from if your business requires inbox mailer. Each of these types of mail software has its own unique features. It is therefore important that you know them at least the popular ones and their features to enable you make an informed decision.

Bigg Mass Mailer

As the name already tells you, this mailing software or application is used to create and send bulk emails. One remarkable feature of this software that distinguishes it from other mailing applications on the market is its simplicity. It is very easy to use thanks to its straightforward, clean and simple interface through which you will specify the credentials of your mail server, write your message, import your mailing list and send the email by clicking on the send button. The entire process could not be simpler. Another good aspect of this mailing software is that it is available for free. Using it does not cause you a dime.


Another good type of mailing software with impressive features is e-Campaign. It is designed to be used for bulk mailing. It is a good tool for businesses and individuals engaging in email marketing campaign. With the software you will be able to accomplish a series mailing jobs at the click of the mouse. Messages sent with this mailing software can be in plain text or HTML text. The application comes with other good features such as tracking capabilities to enable you know who has read your email and who has unsubscribed. It also comes with stunning reporting features. It is not available for free. However, it has its free trial version which is available for downloads online.

GroupMail Free Edition

This is another mailing software that is available free of charge. Though it is available free of charge, you will still use it to send emails in bulk as all the basic features which mailing software is supposed to have are all available in it. The software is designed to make use of its internal database but it can also pull recipients directly from your address book or connect to an existing external database. GroupMail mailing software has paid version which will allow you to use its scheduler feature. The software also has feature that will allow you to personalize your messages.

MailList Controller Free

MailList Controller Free can be used to create mass mailings. The first setup process will allow you to establish your initial mailing list and your SMTP. However, you are still able to add to the list later on. It has a paid version. But if you are using a free version, you can only create a single list of 100 recipients. If you have extreme edition, you can create unlimited list but with a professional edition you can create ten lists with about 10000 recipients. With the software, you will be able to compose email, import members and manually add members, track your outgoing messages and messages that were sent out previously.

If you check online, you will find other mailing applications.